Emma proctor

Originally from Wiltshire, Emma has been making drawing in pyjamas look good since graduating in Illustration from Middlesex University in 1994.  Her dedication to her work means she selflessly faces an arduous everyday commute from bedroom to box room to create her designs.


Due to her EXTREMELY short attention span, Emma works in a huge variety of styles and mediums.

Whilst usually a right-hander she sometimes draws with her left hand to achieve a looser line style. When she’s not drawing she does voluntary work as an ‘Item Recovery Specialist’ for her young daughter. She is prolific at locating a gazillion-million-billion items lost around the house...or in the car...or thrown into trees.


Emma is a recovering caffeine addict and is skilled at eating Lotus Spread straight from the jar. She lives in Kettering with her VERY lazy spaniel 'Betty' who offers very little in the way of constructive criticism!



Please feel free to contact me for any commissions, projects or just a chat about the weather!





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