Bespoke projects

Having a child has been without a doubt a BRILLIANT excuse to get out from behind my desk and let my imagination run wild creating marvellous designs for little people.


I've photographed some of my designs below and welcome commissions from people who would like something 'a little different' and personal. Each design is bespoke and can fit into any area.


Please feel free to contact me regarding any ideas you may wish to commission - NO idea can be too crazy...a monsters lair, a princes's palace, a Bob the Builder digger bed?


I am fully DBS checked and happy to be briefed by your child (or by yourself if this is a surprise). Most elements can be made off-site and assembled with minimal fuss. Each design is bespoke so a quote can be given in advance.


The above bed was designed for a 4-year-old who was very specific about wanting a bird-house styled bunkbed. The whole room was created and decorated with glittery walls, bunting, sparkling chandeliers, bird themed wallpaper and I added remote controlled lighting for those magical sleepovers! My client was specific about wanting stairs not a ladder, a pull-across bed guard was added for safety. The bed was very well received!

dolls houses

Each house can be modelled to suit...or even based on your own house? Your child may like Peppa Pig wallpaper or bats in the belfry! In this example, roof slates were added and every individual brick was hand-glued (that was a long night!).

play houses

I perfect den for your little 'Hobbits'. The hobbit-hole is proving popular at the moment with a few commissions in place. Made to measure to your requirements. I've added a rubber floor and fairy lights. I'm happy to add some planting, a name on the front, tree-trunk tables, bark chipping...there are no limits!


                                    "Not all those who wander are lost"

                                                                  J.J.R. Tolkien