Keep sending those cards folks!

It’s that time of year when people start to declare they will be ‘giving to charity’ rather than sending Christmas Cards. Whilst I understand the sentiment behind this, can I urge you to also consider the impact of turning your back on this great tradition – perhaps you could do both? Did you know charities estimate that £50m is raised for good causes through the sales of charity Christmas cards each year? Not to mention the greeting card industry that is directly and indirectly responsible for the jobs of 100,000 people in the UK including: publishers; artists, photographers and image suppliers; verse and prose writers; printers; paper and board companies; envelope and cello wrap suppliers; specialist finishers; warehousing and distribution companies; trade fair organisers and retailers. No other country has such a tradition of card sending or card display in the home - the sending and receiving of cards is an important part of our culture and great for boosting our mental health. So go on, for the price of a fancy coffee or festive glass of wine, splash out on a few cards and help keep this wonderful industry alive. THANK YOU.

Here's a recent one of mine...Betty even got to go on the reverse. I'm sure she'll help us unwrap a few this year!?

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